1955 Disneyland Davy Crockett Playsuit


Disneyland Davy Crockett playsuit, size Medium, complete in its original box. The outfit includes a rawhide vinyl belt, a greenish/brown fringed shirt, a matching pair of fringed pants, a replica of the coonskin cap famously worn by the young actor who portrayed Crockett—Fess Parker, rawhide pouch and the toy gun. Amazingly, this outfit is in great condition with the box having minor issues and tears. The outfit has only been out of the box a few times. In 1951, in an effort to secure funding for the Disneyland theme park, the brilliant visionary filmmaker Walt Disney ventured into television with his production company of the same name. In exchange for ABC putting up a half-million dollars towards the construction of the fledgling park, Disneyland (the TV division) delivered a series of hour-long, family-oriented programs. One of the most acclaimed of these shows was Davy Crockett. The program's popularity grew to mythical proportions and as a result, costumes such as this one were marketed to capitalize on "Crockett mania." This wonderful nostalgic relic from the 1950's is sure to take anyone back in time to remember the days when every kid wanted to be the brave and daring "Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier."

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